Helen Frost Way makes her home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Originally from New England, Helen absorbs the color and warmth of the Southwest and shares it with all of us through her paintings and sculptures. As a multimedia artist, Helen Frost Way has won numerous awards. Her work is in many private collections throughout the world. Helen creates her works in her Santa Fe Studio overlooking lush gardens and wonderful views.

A R T I S T    S T A T E M E N T

14838232-world-map-on-vintage-pattern“I have had the fortune to travel the world. I am always amazed by the beauty found in the simplest scenes and objects. These scenes grasp the essence of place in my mind. Past cultures intrigue me; I study their religions, customs and rituals.

I use the materials and colors that interest me. It is pleasing to experiment using the earth tones and materials of the earth. Trying to simplify forms-to reduce my thoughts of a pure form is what I am trying to accomplish.”

Paintings: “My feelings are expressed in small intimate pictures. I put myself in the moment. Moments bring back memories. I ask the viewer to come into my world by viewing my memories.”

Sculptures: “Forms in my sculptures relate to classic shapes found in nature, but break traditions as they evolve into objects with personalities of their own. “In The Garden” series deals with the constant battle of life one finds when truly looking beneath the obvious.”


Reliance Insurance, PA                                                   Continental Insurance Corporation, NY
Connecticut Savings Bank, CT                                       Gaudreau and Company, RI
Financial Planning Consultants, RI                               Essex Corporation, CA
Bowes and Company, CA                                               Wausau International, NY
Design Solutions, CT                                                       Stamford Museum, CT
The Art Complex Museum, MA                                     Numerous Private Collections


Shown across the country including:

Arroyo Galleries, Santa Fe NM                                      Arroyo Galleries, Telluride, CO
The Stamford Museum, CT                                            The Art Complex Museum, MA
The Art Museum of Taiwan, China                               The Aldritch Museum, CT
The Lyman Allan Art Museum, CT                                Bridgeport Museum, CT
The Art Center, Univ. of Iowa, IA                                  The Silvermine Guild, CT
Maine Art Museum, ME                                                 Bascom Louise Art Center, GA
The Lancaster Museum of Art, PA                               SOFA, IL

C R I T I C A L    A C L A I M

“…miniscule gems…exude a quality of monumentality & rightness.”              
~Leon Nigosh, The Worester Phoenix, MA

“…many pieces from inspired hands simply dazzle the eye…”
~Edgar Allen Beem, Maine Times, ME

“…great creative work…work that is impressive.”                                                
~Barb Doughtery, Art Calendar, New England

“…steals the show”
~Kate Jennings, Darin News-Review, CT

“…works that assert individual temperament…how firmer these works
wield their mediums, and how aware they seem of their true direction.”
~Joanne Rapp, The Lancaster Museum of Art, PA